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Tweedsmuir North & Nechako Plateau

"Visitors must be prepared to be self sufficient."
- Tweedsmuir North Park Authorities.

There are unlimited outdoor recreational activities to be had in this trackless wilderness, but as the Park Authorities state very clearly, if you are not prepared to be entirely self-sufficient or to hire a professional guide to the area that has thorough knowledge of the region, then do not even contemplate a visit.

The park itself is bounded on the north and southwest by the snowy but magnificent Coast Mountain Range and on the east by the Nechako Plateau. It offers boating, canoeing, fishing, hiking, wilderness camping and wildlife viewing.

The Nechako Plateau is considered the northernmost subdivision of the Interior Plateau which is the main geological region for all of central BC. There are four mountain ranges included in the Nechako region. The Fawnie, Nechako and Telegraph Range have been worn into low rolling hills over time with only the Quanchus Range considered to be still rugged terrain. It's southern boundary is the 'West Road' along the Blackwater River where the Nuxalk-Carrier Grease Trail, also known as the Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail, winds.

There are several lakes located on the Nechako Plateau both within the park boundary and without. To the east of the park, Moose Lake and Eliguk Lake offer a fantastic fishing adventure. Your hosts at Moose Lake, which is a fly in only lake, can also take you for some thrilling salmon and steelhead fishing on the Lower Dean River as well as world class fly fishing on the upper Dean, or for great fly fishing for trout on the Blackwater River.

You can also charter a floatplane operator from Nimpo Lake who will take you into this vast wilderness where you can have a fishing lake or river entirely to yourself, or simply go sightseeing over this wild land!

There are spectacular wildlife viewing opportunities in this region and you are not that far from where the elusive Kermode or 'Spirit Bear' can be seen. Eagles, Osprey, coyotes, wolves, black bear, grizzly bear, moose and deer abound, so take your camera!

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