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Bluff/Sapeye/Horn Lake Region

Also known as West Branch

West Branch can be accessed by turning south onto the Tatlayoko Road just before entering Tatla Lake community, then turning west onto the West Branch road. It is the home of several beautiful fishing lakes.

Like a string of pearls lying along Mosley Creek, Horn, Sapeye, Bluff, Middle Lake and Twist Lake all offer their own beautiful vistas and unique fishing experience.

Horn Lake is a very consistantly producing lake with Rainbow Trout to three pounds that can be caught on the fly or by trolling. Sapeye Lake, which is almost directly across from Horn is a fly only lake with Rainbow Trout to three pounds (although larger can be caught) and Bull Trout to six pounds. Continue south a couple of miles and you will come to Bluff Lake which is a rockier, deeper lake consistantly producing Rainbow Trout to three pounds and Bull Trout to ten pounds.

There are several operators in this valley offering a variety of adventures ranging from mountaineering, heli-hiking, heli-kayaking, heli-biking, ski-mountaineering, to backcountry hiking, backcountry skiing, mountain biking, trail and horseback riding, fishing, flightseeing and wildlife photography.

There are numerous mountain ranges to explore including the Pantheon, Queen Bess, Niut, and Waddington Ranges and climbing groups from around the world come here to conquer them. If mountain climbing isn't your thing, then take a ride up in a plane or helicopter to see some of the most breathtaking vistas and remarkable glaciers you will ever see including the giant Homathko Icefield. Or take a guided pack trip into these mountains to see the glaciers, fish high alpine lakes and marvel over the swaths of wildflowers.

To the south of Bluff Lake is a portion of the Homathko Tatlayoko Protected Area so designated to protect valuable wildlife habitat, including the Mosley Creek wetlands and valley migration corridors through the Coast Range. The protected area is one of the only ones in BC that spans the warm, wet coastal environment to the high, dry, harsh climate of the Chilcotin. There are no roads into the Protected Area but backcountry hiking will take you into old growth forest, and valley wetlands that are home to an amazing variety of birdlife, waterfowl and raptors, Mule Deer, Moose, Mountain Goat, Grizzly and Black Bear.

Operators - West Branch

White Saddle Country Inn
West Branch Valley
Horse and people in alpine meadow below a bluff.
White Saddle Mountain.
Waddington Mountain behind blue helicopter.
Blue helicopter with craggy moutains behind it.
Horse and Blue Heeler dog.
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