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Eagle Bear Lodge

Tatla Lake, British Columbia

WCTA Icon Tours

Waterfall Day Tour - Beautiful cascading waterfalls. With 3 separate waterfalls, natural spring pools surrounded by nature, this is a very special place to enjoy nature and local wildlife.

Wildlife Viewing Boat Tour - Learn about area wildlife, and enjoy the crystal blue waters and snow peaked mountain reflections. Our boat is very stable, suitable for all ages, and ideal for wildlife viewing and photography.

Bear & Wildlife Viewing - A day of wildlife viewing and learning about area wildlife. Starting at a nearby river for some of  the best wildlife and bear viewing in the region.  Two hour boat tour down the river to see amazing landscapes, enjoy bear viewing other wildlife.

Grizzly Bear Photography Workshop - With National Geographic published photographer David Hemmings, photograph grizzly bears, black bears, bald eagles, salmon runs, and receive professional instruction.

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