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Nuk Tessli Wilderness Experience

Charlotte Alplands, BC

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Nuk Tessli is located in a completely unspoiled plateau that rolls across the tops of the Coast Mountain Range, called the Charlotte Alplands.  It is a fly-in lodge on the shores of beautiful Whitton Lake at 1,500 meters altitude - there is no road access. 


In this Protected Area wildflowers blanket the hillsides, small sub-alpine fir nestle around crystal clear lakes, while caribou and mountain goat roam freely.  This area has the highest concentration of alpine lakes in British Columbia. 


The Alplands are a hiking paradise.  You can enjoy back-country hiking tours or hikes onto one of the surrounding glaciers accompanied by one of our experienced guides. For the back-country hikes you can also go solo.

Fly in to Nuk Tessli from Nimpo Lake by float plane for as many days as you like.  It is a unique and special wilderness experience that you will not forget..

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