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Winter Activities

The Chilcotin is blessed with cold, sunny days for most of the winter, making a perfect environment for winter recreation. In addition to winter activities, the Chilcotin is an ideal getaway to experience the charm of a Canadian winter.



The snow tends to be dry and soft, making nice conditions for snowmobiling. Any of the hills of the Chilcotin will provide a good ride, but the main attraction is the Rainbow Mountains in Tweedsmuir Park. The snowpack tends to be deep, and even when mountains elsewhere in the province are short of snow, the Rainbows are likely to be good. They cover such a vast area that even if the parking lot is crowded, you may not see another machine all day.



Cross-country Skiing

Tatla Lake has a network of groomed trails that covers many miles. Nimpo Lake community trails are also available for cross-country, and there are groomed trails in Tweedsmuir Park. If you like, it is also possible to ski across one of the many frozen lakes.

Ice Fishing


Borrow an auger, drill a hole, and fish for some very tasty Rainbow Trout at many of the lakes in the region. Anahim Lake and Nimpo Lake are particularly popular.





You can hike through the bush or on the many trail networks in the area, or just go out on the frozen lakes. The awesome silence of a winter's afternoon is worth the effort.



Winter Festivals


Many communities have winter events at different dates throughout winter, so check with local operators before you come. Nimpo Lake has an annual New Year's Eve party on the frozen lake that is always popular with residents and visitors alike.

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