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Summer 2009 186
Cariboo Chilcotin

Welcome to beautiful Chilcotin, British Columbia

You've never seen anyplace like this!

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Chilcotin — The Last Frontier

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Parks & Protected Areas

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Maps & The Circle Tour

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Winter Activities

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Birds & Wildlife

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The Sights

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Rainbow Mountain Hikers

Ancient Volcanoes

"Gobsmacked" is how I would describe my reaction to the Rainbow Range in Tweedsmuir Park. They are like no other mountains I have seen on the planet.

Leigh McAdam, Travel Writer


Dramatic Landscapes

This is the British Columbia almost no-one knows. Those who know it, love it above all others.

Chris Harris,

Photographer & Author


Unparalleled Access

This vast stretch of wilderness is a globally rare and outstandingly pure example of an intact continental ecosystem.

Dave Neads,

Environmental Consultant

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